10 Amazing Facts For Victorian Bulldog Breeders

Victorian Bulldog Breeders

Have you breed Victorian Bulldog before? Of course!

The dog’s powerful body and lovable face are some of the traits endear to breeders.

If you have a victorian or not, you and Victorian bulldog breeders should know some facts about this breed.

1. The Victorian Bulldog is a Modern Breed.

victorian bulldog breeders
victorian bulldog breeders they should know that this breed is modern

Victorian Bulldogge is developed by Ken Mollett, To try to return the English Bulldog to its taller, increasingly strong type of the 1800s.

Ken Mollett start his breeding programs in the 1980s.

And he used statues records, written records and old photographs from the 19th to gain insight on breeding.

The breeds that Ken Mollett used for breeding are the Staffordshire Bull Terriers, English Bulldog breeds, Bullmastiffs, and Dogue de Bordeaux breeds to develop the Victorian kind.

All the canine he used registered with the Kennel Club of Great Britain and this assured the puppies he produced would be in fantastic shape.

Thanks to his work, we now have a breed that is recognized by the Dog Registry of America and the American Canine Association Inc.

But they are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), Ken’s family continues with his efforts to create a happy and healthy Victorian Bulldogs.

The sole purpose of the breed was to make a healthier Bulldog, which was a success.

Breed Summary Table

Weight:Males are 67-75lb and females 55-65lb
Size:Between 16 to 19″ tall
Coat:Short and Straight
Color:red, White, fawn or brindle
Lifespan:10 to 12 Years
Destructive Behavior:Little to none
Temperament:Loving, Kind, Intelligent
Activity Levels:Low – 40 to 45 minutes daily
Do They Shed:Yes (Minimal)
People Skills:Love to please people, very good at meeting new people
Good with Children:Yes, with socialisation
Socialization:Required with other animals, but generally very friendly with people
Victorian Bulldog Characteristics

2. Victorian Bulldogs Have a Muscular.

This breed have an athletic build, and are medium in size.

Have a broad chest, muscular body, thick-boned and large heads that are proportional in size.

This dog’s head rests on a sizeable muscular neck and has a turned-up short.

Because of the victorian dog’s lengthened muzzles and longer legs they have more stamina than their breeds Bulldog kin.

Take your Victorian out for a walk for about 45 min daily.

Physical Attributes of Victorian Bulldog:

  • Athletic
  • Wide chest
  • Large head
  • Longer legs, 2 inches taller
  • Large teeth
  • Short and smooth coat
  • Wide nostrils
  • Button and rose-shaped ears
  • Muscular
  • The muzzle is wide and more of a snout
  • Eyes are low set and wide apart
  • Solid white, fawn red, and brindle colours

3. The Victorian Bulldog is a Loyal Dog.

victorian bulldog breeders
victorian bulldog breeders they have great luck because they have a loyal dog

This dog is brave and loyal and has become very popular amongst Bulldog Breeders and they want a healthier and larger version.

With proper care, it is a dog that can be relied upon, it is trustworthy, and with its family, it is affectionate, dedicated and calm.

This breed has the typical temperament of a bulldog; it is steadfast, social and loves human companionship.

A Victorian loves to get attention, and despite its more intimidating appearance when bred well, it should be docile and dependable.

These dogs are excellent watchdogs, and good guard dogs too.

Socialization is essential with strangers as it is wary and you do not want that to turn into suspicion.

Victorian bulldog breeders should know they get along well with others and they don’t tend to be aggressive.

4. Victorian Bulldogs aren’t an Excellent Active Dog.

This dog is not super active, and they need a moderate amount of exercise still though to stay in good shape and healthy.

It can adapt to a larger apartment but still is best with a yard.

It should also be taken moderate walks a day along with some play with you.

Victorian bulldog breeders should be Off-leash time somewhere safe a few times a week is also needed, and it also gets plenty of mental stimulation.

That makes them a good choice for breeders that aren’t quite as active, whether that’s related to physical condition, age, or scheduling.

Make sure that along with physical exercise.

Victorian bulldogs still are best in moderate climates, not like English Bulldog. It does not tend to heat as easily.

5. They often have breathing issues.

This is due to the physical formation of this breed of dog, and these dogs frequently have problems breathing.

The problem can become even worse As they get older.

6. They have a tendency to overheat.

It doesn’t take long for a Victorian dog to get overheated, even in moderate temperatures.

Much of it is related to their breathing problems.

This breed is not able to pant as effectively as many other breeds.

And the anxiety that comes with not being able to get a good breath often further complicates the issue.

7. They Can Be Stubborn.

Although they are not an aggressive dog, Victorian Bulldog known to be stubborn, especially under the right circumstances.

Sometimes they don’t listen even after their full training.

8. Victorian Bulldogs has Extremely Popular.

Some people love Bulldogge and others aren’t love this breed about the breed. However, this dog has more than its fair of fans.

Over the last years, it’s determined to be the fourth most popular breed of purebred dog in existence.

9. There is a difference between the Victorian Bulldog and the English Bulldog.

Victorian Bulldog Breeders should know the difference between the Victorian Bulldog and the English Bulldog.

This breed was an attempt to recreate a healthier Bulldog breed.

There are saying that continuing to breed English Bulldogs may not be a very humane thing Because they suffer from problems and die early.

So, some people are looking for a more balanced breed and less health-endangering features.

Also, English Bulldogs only can be born by Cesarean section because their heads are too big.

Therefore, a new breed of dog was produced to be able to live in better health and fewer issues.

English BulldogsVictorian Bulldogs
Very stubbornlittle stubborn
Short lifespanTall lifespan
Lots of health problemsFew health problems
Overheat easilyDon’t Overheat easily
Victorian Bulldog vs English Bulldog

10. Victorian Bulldogs are only available in Britain.

There are many breeders dogs and calling the puppies Victorian Bulldogs, especially in the united state, but you should keep in mind that Victorian Bulldogs are only available in the UK.

Olde Tyme bulldogs are available in America.

If you are not sure that the breeder is honest with you, at that point almost certainly, they are not selling a true bloodline.


If you are a Victorian bulldog breeder should know this information about this breed, this breed has fewer health problems than English Bulldog, and the pet that will fit right in your home and family.



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