Do you want to see top 15 most friendly dog breeds in the world?, There are various criteria and lists for the most friendly dogs, so how I point out the best ones?, I choose them depending on these characteristics: friendly towards everyone, simplicity for beginners and good temperament, Now let’s see top 15 most friendly dog breeds in the world:

15. Maltese 

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Maltese dog is a one of the oldest dynasties in the history of Greece, where the Maltese erected tombs and put pictures of them on handicrafts, Maltese dog is a , lovable, friendly, and fun natured dog, Maltese dog Need a lot of attention and jogging field.

14. Siberian Husky

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The Siberian Husky is a middle-sized Between dog breeds, the Siberian Husky Belongs to the Spitz genetic family She was bred by the people of Chukchi

13. Dachshund

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There are two sorts of a dachshund – the standard dachshund and the smaller dachshund. They have lively identities and appear awesome love for their proprietors, in spite of the fact that they do have a penchant to bark.

12. Yorkshire Terrier

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Yorkies were created amid the 1800s in Yorkshire, Britain. They tend to be active and overprotective. They are fabulous guard dogs as they tend to bark apart, but this could be settled with training.

11. Boxer

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Boxer is a good-natured, playful dogs with expressive faces, Even as they grow older they stay remain very energetic, they may be aggressive with other dogs

10. the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a very popular small dog breed, These friendly dogs are good for families with and without children.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs are: fearless, social, playful, kind and patient, they easily adapt to city or village life.

9. Beagle

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Little Beagles are sweet, beautiful and friendly dogs, they are very curious, enjoy the family company, and enjoy playing with children, Beagle dogs are: friendly, playful, curious and determined.

8. Border Collie

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Border Collie is a very common dog breed and widely known for its high intelligence, To be more precise they are the most intelligent dog breed in the world.

Border Collie dogs are: smart, energetic, responsible, careful and persistent, they are very friendly toward children, other dogs, strangers and they enjoy the company.

7. The Newfoundland

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Newfoundland dog has a very gentle temperament, They love children, want to please their owners and the happiest time for them is to be with the family.

Newfoundland dogs are: gentle, intelligent, loyal and calm, although they are big and strong dogs, they can be very good pets with their gentle and, calm temperament.

6. The Pug

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The cute little Pug dog is a animals that is always friendly towards everyone, which makes them one of the most popular friendly dog breed for families and new dog owners.

Pug dogs are: intelligent, stubborn, social, playful, careful and quiet, they are very peaceful, love to follow their owners and they adore attention.

5. Vizla

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Vizla is a very sensitive dog that quickly connects with its owner, children, and strangers, They require a lot of activity and want to be with the owner all the time.

Vizla dogs are: kind, loyal, energetic, quiet and gentle, Although Vizla is a very tolerant dog, it is recommended to purchase these dogs for children when they are a little older.

4. Irish Setter

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Irish Setter is a very good family pet, why?, These dogs love children, other dogs, and strangers, They are very active dogs and require a lot of physical activity.

Irish Setters are: lively, kind, independent, energetic, friendly and playful, Their good temperament makes them excellent therapy dogs in hospitals, retirement homes, and schools.

Now follow the top 3 most friendly dog breeds in the world, ready?, Third most friendly dog breed in the world is:

3. Poodle

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Poodle dogs has widely recognized for its look very beautiful hairstyle, Still, they are extremely smartfriendly and cute dogs.

They make friends very quickly and enjoy playing various sports with the family, Poodle dogs are: smart, obedient, loyal, careful and energetic, The extremely good temperament makes them very suitable dogs for family, children, friends and you.

Second most friendly dog breed in the world is :

2. Labrador Retriever

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Labrador retriever dogs have been dominating on the list of world’s most popular dogs for a long time, why?, Their beautiful appearance and extremely good temperament make them very good pets for beginners and families with and without children.

Labrador retrievers are: friendly towards everyone, peaceful, affectionate, energetic and playful.

The most friendly dog breed in the world is:

1. Golden Retriever

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Golden Retriever is a great dog that is not suitable for guarding because it is extremely gentle, kind and loves helping people, which makes them great family dogs, These dogs love to play and socialize with grow up people, and children’s as well, Golden Retriever dogs are: loyal, playful, kind, confident, friendly towards everyone, smart and reliable, These dogs also like to work and are used as guide dogs, search and rescue dogs.

If you choose this dog for family, children, and friends you will certainly not go wrong, So when it comes to choosing a perfect dog for you and your family, you are definitely interested in the most friendly dog breeds in the world, right?

Dogs are great pets and their relationship to you and family in most cases depends on how you treat them, There are many more dog breeds that are friendly If you know one.