Regardless of what appears to be a distance, you don’t have to be a fearless Hercules in dog training. Consider only a few basic concepts. First, determine who the boss is and remind your dog that you are two-legged while still on all fours. Therefore, what you say is the Gospel, and what barks is not second, speaks in a tone that emanates from superiority, something in the language

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Although this seems to be removed, dog training is not necessarily a fearless Hercules. You only have to consider a few basics. First, determine who the boss is, and remind your dog again and again that you are one on two legs while he is still on all fours. So what you say is a gospel and what he barks does he is not. Second, Over Over It To Top The George, just like your math teacher in the first year. Third, a routine is of paramount importance. Keep your training tactics consistent. Once you master these three techniques, you will be the master of every dog!

Your heart could melt in a porridge every time your little sweet boy nods, but do not let that stop you from figuring out who the Master is. Go too often in sticky eyes and you will probably pay with your carpets and sandals that you are fine. Treat your puppy like a small child, set strict limits and tell him what’s going on and what’s not working at all. Make gestures such as B. index finger, etc.

You may not think it’s possible, but dogs, like your kids, can talk about what you want to talk about business, relax with them, and they’ll know you’re taken for a moment. visit. If chosen with great interest, they also have this intonation instinct; Be strict, if you want him to stay in the yard, but be enthusiastic if you ask himThat he wanted to go for a walk. It’s funny to see that your mood is in his answers. This is the first step in creating the kind of communication with your dog that will allow you to calm down in one word or be unstable at work.

How do I train my dog? Keep your intonations, your gestures, and your words to express the same dissatisfaction each time, so that you get used to the idea. A young puppy who grows up with a certain set of instructions will sometimes answer her faster if there are conflicting instructions. You are not in self-purchase, your purchase. Some other ways to get from uniform to uniform to give your dog the promise of patting the same way every night before he retires for the day so he is holy.

Trivia like these has been more accurately predicted for your dog’s behavior. But most of all, remember to rain your love and affection on the kid, continue your training through little games he would like to have, and remember when he did a good job, after all, kid, it’s also appreciated and a little joy.