It happens each summer — your dog spends heaps of your time outdoors, whether or not he’s enjoying, hiking or inhabitancy, solely to finish up with swollen ticks on his ears or belly hours later. however, parasites, like fleas and ticks, don’t seem to be simply a summer menace. they’ll infect pets at any time.

Banfield Applied analysis and data (BARK), Banfield Pet Hospital’s ( internal analysis team, recently reviewed over a pair of.2 million health records obtained from dog and cat visits in a pair of009. Fleas are the foremost common parasite in kittens below six months, old dogs and senior dogs and cats. Their analysis additionally shows that will is that the high season for ticks and October is that the high season for fleas, creating parasites Associate in Nursing current concern for pet homeowners.

According to the Centers for unwellness management and bar (CDC), zoonosis, which is carried by ticks, is that the most ordinarily reportable vector-transmitted unwellness. And analysis suggests that dogs are double as seemingly to develop zoonosis as humans living within the same space.

Parasites are over annoyances — they unfold unwellness, not solely to your pets, however to different members of your family also. and ticks ”  cestode infections and might cause severe anemia and death in young, sick or debilitated pets,” explained Jeffrey Klausner, DVM, MS, DACVIM, senior vice chairman and chief medical man for Banfield.

Preventing fleas and ticks could be an important part of a pet’s health care, however, pet homeowners ought to speak to their doctor before trying treatments.

“Flea and tick preventive care products, like powders, sprays, and spot-on treatments, provide variable degrees of effectuality and safety. to boot, the massive variety of products out there will build choosing the correct preventive care product overwhelming to Pet homeowners,” aforesaid Karenic Johnson, DVM, vice chairman and shopper advocate for Banfield.

Getting ectozoon and tick product directly from your doctor helps guarantee pet safety, as veterinarians instruct pet homeowners incorrect dose and application. Pet homeowners ought to additionally raise veterinarians concerning ectozoon and tick product approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, like FirstShield.

“At Banfield, preventive care is that the cornerstone of our follow — that features everything from routine vaccines and twice-annual comprehensive physical examinations to recommending the safest and best ectozoon and tick preventive product that’s right for the pet and their family,” aforesaid Johnson.