Driving with Your Dog: Precautions that all Dog owners Should take Seriously

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Every dog ​​owner likes to take his best friend to the street. For safety reasons, some important precautions must be taken.

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Driving is a blessing for most dogs, especially if they are driven to a nice destination. Even if you only take your dog to the local mall, the trip will add a little variety to your daily life and broaden your horizons.

All dogs must be puppies. Many of them travel by car the first time they are driven to their new home. This leaves an uncertain, partly amusing and sometimes frightening impression, as it causes a change in their lives. Calm down your new puppy’s next trip, such as a short break in a beautiful playground or just a 5-10 minute stroll through the neighborhood before returning to safety at home.

Always wait a few hours after a full meal before walking your dog. Let him drive in the back seat, never on his lap when he drives. You can cover the seat with an old, well-maintained blanket. Plastic is good protection for padding, but too slippery for a dog. Many dogs like to look out the window, and if you put it a few inches, they can also enjoy the smells that pass.

Small dogs have less driving pleasure because they rarely see more than the inside of the car. Many of them simply roll into a ball and fall asleep. Small dogs are also more prone to auto-related illnesses, probably because they do not visually distract larger dogs. Some owners claim that the movement of the car does not bother them if you maintain the dog’s enthusiasm.

You must never leave your dog alone within the automotive. However, in associate degree emergency (only a couple of minutes, hopefully), do the following:

  • Close the doors and leave two windows open a few centimeters.
  • Park your car in a shady spot and remember that the sun is shining and your shady place turns into a stove.
  • Never leave your dog in the car in an underground car park, in a garage or elsewhere for long periods.

Older dogs that have difficulty moving, such as the elderly, benefit more from driving, as it helps them to remain alert and to take an interest in the outside world as their daily lives become stricter. If your dog is one of the driving enthusiasts, he will move as soon as you touch the keys of the car and sometimes you will even try to keep it, try to give him this easy reward at any time. But remember, this is a temporary distraction and not a substitute for movement and play.


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