For any pet owner, it’s necessary to acknowledge once the pets area unit displaying behavioral issues and to grasp the way to resolve the difficulty.

And, even as pets like cats and dogs will misdemean, pet parrots will exhibit a variety of drawback behaviors and cause frustration for his or her house owners.

However, there area unit sure behavioral problems displayed by parrots that area unit a lot of wide reportable than others.

Read on to search out out what behavioral issues to seem out for in your pet parrot and what you’ll do to mend them.

1. Biting

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If you approach your pet parrot with apprehension, it’ll sense this and respond with a bite. And if you employ your hands to drive away your bird away or cause hurt, it’ll learn to associate your hands with one thing unhealthy. Parrots and different birds don’t have hands to defend themselves so that they use their beaks.

Unfortunately, not all birds area unit as well-treated as those from XtreemParrotlets and will be acting out of worry once experiencing abuse. So, although you’ve perpetually been kind to your pet parrot, it’s going to be reacting this manner because of however it was antecedently treated.

The best thanks to overcoming the matter of biting is to approach your parrot sedately and solely ever use your hands during a friendly approach, ne’er for rejection or penalty.

Reward your parrot once it doesn’t bite you, and avoid reacting once it will. If you scream or yelp can|this may|this can} reinforce the behavior and your parrot will still bite you.

2. Becoming Territorial

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Territorial birds can react to or attack anyone United Nations agency occupies a definite space, like a chunk of furnishings, claiming it as personal territory.

Birds will generally become territorial as a result of secretion changes. However, your parrot’s behavior may well be a symptom that it’s sad with its setting and isn’t as comfy with you as you’d like.

Bonding techniques like sharing bird-safe food and giving your parrot regular baths will facilitate, as will restful your parrot with soothing music. try and produce a relaxed, open atmosphere so your parrot learns to measure aboard you and your family while not the requirement to assert territory.

3. Destructive Behavior

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Destructive behavior in parrots like creating a large number of their cage orbiting piece of furniture is commonly a symbol that your pet isn’t receiving enough mental stimulation.

Be sure to pay countless times along with your parrot, visit it and embrace it in your daily activities, like family mealtimes and looking tv.

Get new toys for your parrot to forbid dissatisfaction and build a degree of frequently reproof your parrot and laudatory it, particularly once it refrains from harmful behavior.

4. Screaming

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While screaming and vocal music square measure common for many birds, particularly at dawn and fall, inappropriate screaming may be a clear drawback.

As with biting, you ought to ignore any screaming or sounds you don’t like and avoid staring at or getting to your parrot once it’s screaming.

But, conjointly build some extent of appreciated your pet attentively and praise once it stops screaming. bit by bit anticipate longer periods of your time before giving attention so that your parrot learns to not scream.

Screaming is the result of tedium or stress. So, to eliminate the reason behind the matter, certify your parrot is well-stimulated with toys and many of human interaction.

5. Feather Plucking

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This is a heavy issue that getting ready to of 3 out of 10 birds suffer from at some point, though there square measure many various causes for it.

A poor diet will cause brittle or worn feathers, therefore, make certain to produce your pet parrot with a varied diet filled with nutrients.

A lack of sunshine may lead parrots to self-mutilate. place your bird detain a sunny spot of the house so that your parrot gets a daily dose of sunshine and vitamin D.

Feather plucking is a result of ennui. Keep your parrot amused with toys and ensure that its cage is sufficiently big to maneuver around in.

Lastly, feather plucking is usually a symptom of depression or loneliness. pay lots of time together with your parrot and provides it several attention, particularly if you have got recently hung out removed from the home or somebody within the house has left.

Encourage and interact Your Pet Parrot to assist Stop behavioral issues
These common behavioral issues saw in parrots square measure chiefly a mirrored image of an absence of stimulation at intervals in their setting. 

So, make certain to stay your parrot engaged by often reprehension your pet, giving it toys to play with, and keeping it concerned in daily activities.

And, whereas several of those unhealthy behaviors ought to be neglected thus as to not reinforce them, keep in mind to forever encourage and praise your parrot permanently behavior. 

Does your parrot have any of those behavioral problems? Or are you able to supply any further recommendations to prevent your parrot from behaving badly? allow us to grasp by commenting below.